Thank You For Your Interest In Sunimod

Sunimod started several years ago to meet the needs of local business, non-profit organizations, and common individuals that needed to make a positive impression online.

Sunimod is owned and operated in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska. Sunimod has been operating on not only a local level but a nation level since launch.

Sunimod is in a very competitive and sensitive field. Competing with other business on a nation level is by far the most difficult thing we have encountered in owning and operating our own business.

Demonstrating and testing our ability’s on a nation level puts Sunimod on the same playing field as the big boys.

We are very much interested in appeasing and impressing our clients whether it be the 24/7 on call emergency service, or the extremely high value support Sunimod provides to local and national business organizations.

As a client of Sunimod your opinion on even the smallest details, down to the color of a single pixel, will matter to us.

It’s this outstanding customer service combined with communication via email, phone, and text message; that gives Sunimod the advantage over other businesses in the same industry. This makes Sunimod the obvious choice when choosing to start, maintain, or re-design a website.

Christopher Jacobson