Website Management and Maintenance

Website Management and Website Maintenance is essential for keeping your website fresh, appealing, and up-to-date. Without regular Website Management and Website Maintenance, your website becomes nothing more than a static brochure that doesn’t do your business justice. Your web site is a low-cost, electronic customer service representative which must appear up to date and knowledgeable so that your customers can be the informed and strategic partners that you desire.

The problem that most business owners face is finding enough time to be able to keep their website updated while everything else is going on. That’s where we come in. Our website maintenance and website management programs are a low cost solution to this problem.

Now you no longer have to hire an expensive in-house web developer to keep your website fresh. That saves you money.

Some reasons for website maintenance:

  • To ensure proper functionality of the website
  • To to keep the website functional twenty four hours a day
  • So you get the best return on your investment
  • Provide your visitors with the latest details or news
  • To ensure a high volume of organic traffic
  • To build long term business relationships with your clients

Will you be running a special promotion for one day only? Sunimod can help you plan updates, manage regular content changes, and make daily updates painlessly.

Sunimod helps you painlessly integrate electronic media into your marketing strategy. Whether you have an existing website, or we develop one together, we’ll help you make the most of your website. Sunimod will take care of daily website maintenance and management tasks, leaving more time for you to focus on other areas of you business.

Our maintenance strategy includes:

  • Fixing bugs, errors, and deadlines
  • Dialog updates
  • Analyze statistics and website visitor reports
  • Actively checking to try and create problems then solving any problems found
  • responding quickly to any technical issues arising from the website
  • Removing and cleaning up unwanted code from the website


1. We strongly discourage Third Party involvement or changes to our code

2. We cannot accept responsibility for website downtime caused by client site changes

3. Graphics and Content should be provided by the client

4. Additional modules for the website will cost extra